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Pest Cemetery is Live!

So this happened a few weeks (okay, months) ago. Pest Cemetery appeared first as a Kindle Vella episodic story, and is still available there for those who prefer the Vella experience. However, if you prefer paperback or ebook, you can head over to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or most other book platforms and snap up a copy.

This is a PG-13 ghost mystery story. Think Scooby Doo, except with more murders and fewer Scooby snacks.

Bradley Langston, college dropout and drifter, is at a dead end. His last stop before living out of his car with a wet dog and a murderous ball of fluff is a caretaker’s job at Pottsville East Shady Terraces cemetery.

The cemetery is a mess, and it’s going to take a lot of work to make right, which is more than Brad ba

rgained for when he took the job. To complicate matters, the long-term residents of Shady Terraces turn out to be a little restless. And needy.

For starters, a murdered woman appears and implores Brad to help find her killer. In days, Brad has a crowd of ghosts invading his space, including one evil spirit bent on possessing him and using him to perpetrate her revenge on the world.

Brad’s default setting is to run away when things get tough. Can he make a stand on the grounds of Shady Terraces, or is he doomed to repeat the failures of his own haunted past?

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