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Pest Cemetery - Live on Kindle Vella

For those of you with a life, you may not always be up-to-speed on everything done at The 'Zon. One of their new tricks is something called Kindle Vella, which makes no sense, as one cannot obtain Kindle Vella on one's Kindle Fire or Kindle app (unless you use an iPhone). To read Kindle Vella stories, one must use a web browser or (as mentioned) an iPhone Kindle app. At least, as of this writing. I'm very much hoping that changes.

Having gotten the legalize out of the way, let's talk stories. Vella stories are published in serial format, meaning episodically. Each episode (chapter) is published separately, typically one new episode per week. You use "tokens" to redeem for episodes. The first two hundred tokens are free, and after that Amazon will kindly offer you some for purchase. The rate isn't too extravagant, so you're not going to be out a ton of money for one entire series...unless you get hooked on lots of stories. I leave that part up to you.

Now I come to the point of all this, which is talking about me, Me, ME!

Pest Cemetery: Spooky Bats and Things

I have a story going up, one episode per week, on Kindle Vella. Still published by my favorite small press, Red Adept, the story is called Pest Cemetery. Here's the blurb:

Bradley Langston and his two pals, a Husky named George and a kitten named Tabitha, Mistress of Death, arrive at his last stop before homelessness--Pottsville East Shady Terraces cemetery. His latest career choice has led him to the caretaker's job at a very unusual cemetery, where the residents appear to be a little restless...and needy.

This is a different kind of story from my usual shoot-em-up. I would actually say it would fit well in the Young Adult market. A little horror, a little humor, and a little mystery. The first three episodes are free, so check it out!

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